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  1. Cyankill

    Hello! I was wrongfully muted.

    After looking over the evidence the moderators provided me, your punishment will be adjusted shortly
  2. Cyankill

    Moderator Application

    Its time to release the application form for the in game moderator rank. Everyone who feel up for the task head to the link below. Good luck to everyone applying Cyankill Head Moderator CreativeInfinity
  3. Cyankill

    Ban Appeal

    As stated in Section 2 Rule 2 of the rules Inappropriate structures of any kind are prohibited And the first offense punishment is a 14 day ban Considering you got kicked by Celtic first , you did get a warning of some sorts We will discuss this in the mod team and get back to you asap
  4. Cyankill

    Ban Appeal

    After reviewing everything ,I'm willing to change the ban to 14 days of which you have served 7 as i'm writing But i wish to point out to everyone reading ,this could have been resolved easier if there was any other chat log with timestamps to prove you were allowed to nuke the player his or...
  5. Cyankill

    All Flags that are allowed on CI

    This list will contain all the flags that are allowed on CreativeInfinity ,some flags that are listed here are only allowed under certain circumstances. If you have a suggestion that should be added to the list reply below Sovereign state flags The Confederate flag ,This flag will only be...
  6. Cyankill


    Hi Everyone, My name is Cyankill but feel free to just say Cyan I'm 28 and the Head Moderator for CreativeInfinity So I have been a moderator of some sorts for nearly 18 years in a lot of gaming communities together with our Community Manager Nutrilicious I like to play all kind of games but...
  7. Cyankill

    Plot Checking

    there has been an issue for the moderators to see pending plotchecks It should be fixed now so shouldn't take long for them to check the plots with pending plotchecks
  8. Cyankill

    Ban/mute appeal format

    When ban appealing on the Discord or Minecraft Server, you have to use the following format. Refusal will result in automatic denial. Ban Appeal Format: Example of an Appeal:
  9. Cyankill

    Reporting format

    When reporting somebody on the Discord or Minecraft Server, you have to use the following format. Refusal will result in automatic denial. Reporting Format: Example of a Report:
  10. Cyankill


    Turtles are cute :D
  11. Cyankill

    Hello, I am _Chaos_Creeper_

    If i find some time , i'll come check your builds
  12. Cyankill

    Hello, it's me, Henrus!

    Sup henry Welcome back to CI :D
  13. Cyankill

    Hello, I am _Chaos_Creeper_

    Welcome to CreativeInfinity and castles are awesome
  14. Cyankill


    It’s been 10 years since the release of Minecraft and to celebrate the milestone of such an iconic title in the gaming landscape, one which has greatly impacted all of us, we have some news of our own to share. On September 14, 2011, we brought you CreativeCraft, our own dedicated Minecraft...
  15. Cyankill

    Creative Infinity Minecraft Server Guidelines

    SECTION 0 — PREAMBLE: BASIC SUMMARY: Think twice before you make an impulsive decision: disrespecting others or griefing anything will result in punishment. Therefore, you should use common sense. If you can do this, following the rules should be instinct. However, for clarification...