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  1. BeetleComet

    It’s Official… Introducing Turtle Realm!

    Have you ever wanted to build in the Overworld? Initially discovered as a glitch in CreativeCraft and CreativeInfinity, players found a way to glitch through plotworlds to reach this supernatural realm and construct worlds outside of their given plots! Since the community loved this idea so...
  2. BeetleComet

    Hey babe

    Hey babe
  3. BeetleComet

    CreativeInfinity – Join The Server Now!

    The wait is finally over – CreativeInfinity is live and can be accessed in Minecraft using our server IP: To celebrate its release, we’re excited to share that everything in our store is 40% off for a limited time only. Furthermore, those who invested into ranks on...
  4. BeetleComet

    Hello there

    Welp, RIP. 👻
  5. BeetleComet

    Hello there

    Welcome to the CreativeInfinity forums! 😁
  6. BeetleComet

    CreativeInfinity Release Date – August 27th

    Allow Your Wildest Minecraft Creations to Come to Life Today, we’re excited to announce that CreativeInfinity will swing open its gates to all on Tuesday, August 27th. We’ve been working incredibly hard to hit this milestone date, and whilst it’s quite a bit later than we had hoped, it’s fair...