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CreativeInfinity – Join The Server Now!


The wait is finally over – CreativeInfinity is live and can be accessed in Minecraft using our server IP: To celebrate its release, we’re excited to share that everything in our store is 40% off for a limited time only. Furthermore, those who invested into ranks on CreativeCraft will find their rank reinstated upon logging into CreativeInfinity.

Our team had one ambition with CreativeInfinity – to develop a Minecraft server for builders in which the only boundary is that of your imagination! Lookout for the return of Plotchecks this weekend, which will see dedicated members of our team review player-created builds and hand out promotions to those most deserving. Remember, your plots are fully protected and backed up every day, ensuring your creations are completely secured.

We hope you enjoy the unlimited possibilities of CreativeInfinity and we can’t wait to see what you create. Feel free to share your feedback with us either here on the CreativeInfinity forums or via Discord and our team will gladly assist with any issues that you encounter. Stay tuned for future updates to introduce fan-requested features, server improvements, bug fixes and so much more.