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It’s Official… Introducing Turtle Realm!

Have you ever wanted to build in the Overworld? Initially discovered as a glitch in CreativeCraft and CreativeInfinity, players found a way to glitch through plotworlds to reach this supernatural realm and construct worlds outside of their given plots! Since the community loved this idea so much, we knew it couldn’t be pushed away – so we’re making it official.

Introducing Turtle Realm! Players will find themselves spawned in a regular Minecraft world where they’ll have the ability to teleport to a random location or fly around to discover all the hidden riches of this mystical Overworld. They’ll also be able to claim lands using an interactive GUI, invite others to their realm, promote staff members and manage relevant settings with plenty of customization options to boot. Naturally, players will also have access to Creative Mode.

In addition to introducing the Overworld, we’re also spicing up the overall experience by introducing a currency system. This will be exclusive to Turtle Realm and is being designed to immerse players further into their roleplays and crafting efforts. Players will be able to attain currency by voting for the server, which increases the overall exposure of Turtle Realm whilst allowing you to accrue in-game funds at no monetary cost.

Furthermore, we’re planning to introduce various minigames alongside other activities to the server in the future, and these will allow you to easily accumulate cash. Turtle Realm will also transfer all ranks from CreativeInfinity, so you don’t need to worry about losing any progress when building in the Overworld. Your friends will be easily accessible, too!

Lookout for more details on Turtle Realm soon, including new screenshots and its official release date.